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New Halodynes Release
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Latest News

New concept art

Banebrood Wolverine Raider Vs Nordgaard Whitevarg Ranger Norgaard Whitevarg Ranger Amazon Pathfinder Banebrood Buffalo-CentaurMore >>

Wyldfolk Rhyastrad Warp-Warrior

The Rhyastrad Warp Warrior will be the character release in the Wyldfolk starter deal for wave-2. This guy is a Tuathan subfaction model, but very useful in any warband. He starts in unwarpoed state and then during the game can be warped into the bigger version of himself. For that reason he has two models and 2 different profile cards.More >>

Trolloth Blackhides

The Blackhides are now finished, and you can see them here with their cuts.More >>
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