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Godslayer – a world of Blood and Bronze
Find out about the exotic background of this sword-and-sandals, fantasy setting
New Halodynes Release
Kydoime and the Chimera
New Scenarios
Have tons of fun playing these 11 new Godslayer scenarios. Download them for free.
New Halodynes Release
Amazon Hunters
Updated Errata
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Latest News

Mercenary characters

As part of the upcoming Kickstarter stretch goals, there will be a series of 6 mercenary models for backers.  These minis are usable with any faction, so they can be used to add spice to any warband. Here are Korax Stormsword and Rasenus the Rudiarius, as well as Atazuma – lord of the jungle.More >>

Godslayer – Amazon Ranger

Part of the Halodynes Wave-2 starterbox which will be released with the forthcoming Kickstarter.More >>

Painted Wyldfolk Starterbox

These are the new models which will completely replace the old Wyldfolk starterbox. We should have the boxes printed in about 6 weeks, then they will be released.More >>


Here are two new trooper models for the Ironhide Brutes, which makes a total of 5. This means you will be able to build full units of 5 models with 5 unique models.More >>
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