Intro for Beginners
Get an overview of how Godslayer's amazing rules work
New English Rulebook
Godslayer - Blood and Bronze is the revised English rulebook.
Coming Soon - Godslayer Battlebox
Two complete warbands and plus the fulebook in a high-quality storage box for your minis!
Warband Deals
Buy complete warbands at deal prices. 18 to chose from!
Photo gallery
Check out lots of great photos of awesome minis on great terrain.
Godslayer – a world of Blood and Bronze
Find out about the exotic background of this sword-and-sandals, fantasy setting
Veteran Units
Try out using your key units as veterans with these official profile cards - free to download.
The Art of godslayer
Check out some of the awesome Godslayer artwork here.
Recent Sculpts
Check out the most recent sculpts we have been working on.
New Release - Bladeslingers Unit
New Release - Maldire Mongrels Unit