MEGALITH GAMES LTD. is a UK registered company founded in December 2008 by a core of two fanatical tabletop game experts, which would be us – David and AndrĂ©.

Our goal with this company is to focus on releasing innovative games, especially in the tabletop and roleplaying genres.

Although our company is registered in the UK and located in Germany, we consider ourselves to be a european company with an international focus, due to many business contacts in many different countries.

Our products will be distributed across Europe in several languages, and also overseas in the USA and in the asian markets.


Our purpose is to move the gaming hobby to the next level by creating games which are both very playable and highly realistic!

Currently our work is focussed on our miniatures skirmish tabletop game GODSLAYER, which has been released on 1st October 2012.


Our primary aim is to release a series of miniatures-based games which will reach a new level of realism and playability, pushing the miniatures gaming hobby to a new level!

We invest tremendous amounts of care in our products because first and foremost, we are gamers, and we want them to be perfect for our gaming, be they models, rulebooks or other acessoires.

We always try our best to keep the cost of our products as low as possible, and even though there are circumstances we cannot influence which might force us to adjust our prices, we can assure you that we will always be fair to our customers and only raise prices where unavoidable! Our purpose is not to get rich, and we do not have stockholders we need to satisfy with high profits; we are a company of gamers for gamers!