Of all the Annyr tribes and cultures, the Fiannor are the wildest and most unfettered, living free beyond the borders of the tribal settlements. Their untamed wanderlust has made them nomads, driving herds of cattle across the bleak heath-lands, brooding moors and solitary meadows of Northcape and Lártyr. The greater part of the Fiannor roam an even wilder region of Annyrion located in the south – the Aishlinn Prairie – a verdant ocean of high-grass plains, thousands of leagues wide.

Although some Fiannor fight on foot, the culture consists predominantly of mounted warriors riding Horned Lynx and Fiann-Elk, backed by Ogres mounted upon the black buffalo. Other exotic creatures also feature in the Fiannor armies such as the immense Slothodon and flying Griffons. The bulk of the tribe’s belongings and tents are borne upon Donkeys, ponies and mules. This herd together with all the mounts and cattle forms a vast horde of moving beasts.

Not all Fiannor are herders; for a portion of each tribe are specialized instead as hunters. These frontier folk, known as the Fyagair, live for weeks at a time in the virgin wilderness and have developed their own unique traditions. Beside the food provided by the tribe’s herd animals, more exotic game is put on the table by these hunters. Such warbands also safeguard the tribe, such as the fleet-footed Scabhta Hunters, who scout ahead and protect the perimeter of the herds, and Ogre Beast-hunters who track and slay local monsters which represent a threat. Not surprisingly, the Fyagair worship Brannia Annua as their primary deity – the goddess of the hunt. They practice ritual methods of ethical slaughter which respects their prey and causes a painless death. Devotional acts take the form of sacrifices or sacred hunts, culminating in an epic hunt known as the Wylderwalk. In fact, the Fiannor are the most accomplished huntsmen on all of Ghorn. Their skills could lay waste to a region if they so desired, but the Wyldfolk are at one with nature and are careful to hunt only what they need and to use all parts of the kill.

The ultimate feral Annyr are the Wylders – loners who live exclusively among the animals such as the Bainean Huntresses who run with Sabrefangs or the Béar-Brothers who run with Greybears. These primal hermits live so close to nature and the goddess Andobha that they prefer the company of animals over people. Such loners can literally commune with their adopted pack and often hunt alongside them. Every few years one might enter a Fiannor camp to acquire a new blade but otherwise they keep to themselves. Oft times a tribe under attack will find itself fighting alongside wild animals led by Wylders who have come to their aid.