Getting Started

In order to start playing GODSLAYER, you will need several things – firstly you will need a copy of the GODSLAYER – Rise of Legends rulebook or the quick-start rules that come with each of the GODSLAYER starter boxes and which you can also download from this website. But fundamentally, GODSLAYER is a game of miniatures, each of which represents a specific individual on the battlefield. Each of the factions of GODSLAYER has a wide range of miniatures and will be continuously supported with new models. So what you really need to play the game are models!



The best way to begin is to buy one of the GODSLAYER starter boxes of the faction which appeals to you most:

Banebrood Starter Box
Halodynes Starter Box
Mortans Starter Box

Nordgaard Starter Box
TroglodytesStarter Box
Wyldfolk of AnnyrStarter Box

Each of the starter boxes contains an adequate number of models to play smaller games, including a warlord to lead your warband, as well as a copy of the quick-start rules (as already mentioned) which allow you to start gaming immediately. Additional models provide you with greater tactical flexibility and the novelty of using a great variety of interesting options. In time you will probably wish to expand your force in order to play larger games or to vary your tactics. Calydorn is a world of brooding heroes and malevolent villains, whose individual actions have profound effects upon reality, so vast armies of miniatures are not required to have a challenging and fun game!


To begin with, we recommend you simply purchase a starter box with the models which attract you the most! But nevertheless you should read the following before deciding on what to buy: Each faction has a different style of play required to gain the greatest advantage from its particular benefits. Some factions are stronger with hit-and-run shooting or war-machines and some can call on horrifying monsters, while others excel in close combat tactics or delivering brute force. Nevertheless, all the factions are balanced and have equal chances to triumph over their enemies. Since you can only use models that belong to the same faction in a warband, you might want to browse the factions section of this website to get a basic feel for style of each faction.


Besides the rules and your models, you will need six-sided dice and also a tape measure for measuring inches; for this we recommend you by a tape-measure from a local hobby shop or DIY / home-improvement store.

Then you will need a table to play on measuring approximately 48 by 48 inches at least. In order to add aesthetic charm and tactical challenges to the game, we strongly recommend the table be spiced up with pieces of terrain. Game and model stores have many different options such as buildings, ruins, hills and trees. Alternatively, you can build your own. If you do not yet have nice terrain pieces you can make do with books and boxes.



The easiest way is usually to enquire at your local hobby or games store stocking GODSLAYER. Many such shops have gaming days and groups of like-minded players who like to meet, and who welcome other players!

You could also access the forums on the Megalith Games website where you will meet lots of other players from around the world, or you could visit local tournaments.


Once you have the above, all you need to do is read the quick-start rules and try out some of the rules!

Then grab your snacks, turn off the TV and start your first game! It is inevitable that the first couple of games will not be entirely smooth. You may forget rules and need to check them during play, but GODSLAYER rules were developed to be intuitive and after a few games you will have a grasp of the main aspects of the game.