If you are new to GODSLAYER you have probably been trawling through photos of various models wondering where to start and what to buy. This guide is designed to help you with your decision on how to begin your GODSLAYER hobby. The best way to start collecting a warband is to purchase one of the six different GODSLAYER starter boxes.

Each box includes a Warlord, a character, and a small unit, which is enough to form a small warband to start with. As the next step you will probably want to increase the trooper models in the unit. Megalith Games sells GODSLAYER trooper models separately so that you can build units up to their maximum number of permitted models (usually between 4-10 models).



After playing your warband numerous times and becoming familiar with its capabilities and deficiencies, we recommend you add a second unit which your warlord and character can bolster with tactics, spells etc., perhaps one of the elite units. The heavy infantry units pack a lot of punch and can take a lot of punishment too.

Other elites such as cavalry, or light infantry may suit your style more once you have developed a good level of skill using your faction. Creatures are always a good choice since they can really dish out the damage as well as frighten the enemy into submission. It is wise for a warband to include at least one creature option.

Of course, over time you may want to collect most of the models available for your preferred faction to gain the maximum of synergies and tactics available to you and your warband. Each warlord adds a completely new dimension even when the rest of the warband remains the same.

Try to mix and match different combinations; after more games you will likely have developed some particularly dastardly line-ups or perhaps some themed warbands based on the rich GODSLAYER background. At this point some players opt to start a second warband with a different faction because each has a unique flavor and style of play.

Such players usually select a themed warband upfront because they have already encountered the new faction and its models in the hands of an opponent. Themed warbands are not necessarily an ultimate tournament-winning combination, instead they have great style and evoke an imaginative story surrounding their origins and motives such is ideal for playing a themed campaign – a linked series of scenarios with an overall plotline.



Gaming and collecting the miniatures is only one part of the hobby! Painting your miniatures is also a large part of the gaming hobby and is actually one of the reasons people collect miniatures. Playing with unpainted miniatures of a table using books and cups for scenery can be exciting and challenging, but it does not compare to the thrill of using painted miniatures on a crafted terrain board with model buildings and trees. Painting miniatures can be daunting for beginners to this part of the hobby, but there are some easy ways to get quick and decent results. You should not expect perfection from your early efforts;

Painting miniatures can be daunting for beginners to this part of the hobby, but there are some easy ways to get quick and decent results. You should not expect perfection from your early efforts; instead you should aim for a satisfactory gaming standard. No matter how amateur the paint-job, it surely looks better than plain metal.

For tips on how to start getting nice results with simple techniques, you can review the chapter in the GODSLAYER rulebook dedicated to painting. Megalith Games recommends the use of Vallejo paints as these offer a huge pallet of colours that bring excellent results.

Modelling terrain can also bring great enjoyment, but again this can be made very simple. Gluing a grass mat to a wood or polystyrene board requires almost no skill and yet it immediately improves the aesthetics of the game dramatically. There are also many companies producing trees, buildings and other scenery. All of these items can be bought at good hobby and toy stores or at shops selling model-railway items.

Once you have experienced using painted miniatures on a nice terrain table you will never want to go back, and you will gain a new level of enjoyment as you are able to clearly visualize the action taking place. It really brings the game to life.