Halodynes Faction Overview


The Halodynes are a faction inspired by Classical Greece, and so naturally Hoplites and Peltasts are a key aspect of their warbands, along with that classical style of warfare.

Halodynes are a pantheistic culture worshipping a powerful pantheon of gods – which gives them access to divine spells and celestial creatures. The fate of the Halodynes and their gods is entwined as one supports the other. During the height of Halodyne civilization, they conquered a good portion of the world, but the death of king of their gods and his demigod son marked the turning of the tide.

This is one of the most civilized factions in Godslayer, and although the Halodyne culture has been in decline for a thousand years, it is still the most powerful human culture in Calydorn.

General Gaming concept:

Subfaction 1 – City-States. This subfaction represents the core of the culture, with Hoplites and heroic individuals.
Subfaction 2 – Temple-Cults. Each god in the Halodynes pantheon has their own following, with their own unique spells and temple warriors.
Subfaction 3 – Amazons. These tribes have been allied with the Halodynes for 2,000 years and share the same gods and culture, however, the Amazons are nomadic and live primarily on the fringes of Halodyne lands.


Leadership and discipline – Most Halodyne models have above-average leadership, reflecting their discipline and courage. This makes it easier for passing ordered tactics and standing against Fear and Horror causing models. Their tactics like Phalanx and combined attack reflect their disciplined nature.

Magic – Halodynes have the most powerful magic in Godslayer. Their caster have better stats, a good balance of spells, with a large number of offensive magic. Their magical supports like the Animated Statue and Sacred Familiar further enhance their range, damage and casting probability. The Halodynes also have a spellcaster warlord (Oracle) and a character spell-caster (Sanctum Priestess)

Infantry – Neither light nor heavy, Halodyne infantry has a good balance in both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Cavalry – Halodynes will be the primary cavalry faction, and already in Wave-1 they have the first cavalry unit in Godslayer – Amazon Hunters who are nomadic archers.

Heroic – Halodynes will excel in heroic individuals. Initially that means the Godquester, who is probably the most powerful warlord in the game. Wave-2 has the Odyssey Quest Hero who is a character with fighting skills like most warlords, and the Theonarch who has amazing melee abilities.


Halodynes have few weaknesses, but neither do they have dramatic strengths (apart from their magic).

Comparing them to other factions:
Halodynes are not as offensive or as fast as Banebrood;
Halodynes are not as durable as Troglodytes who have high life points, good armor and regeneration; Halodynes are not as defensive as Mortans who have heavy infantry and war-machines;
Halodynes troops are not as durable as Nordgaard’s Dwarves;
Halodynes are not as shooty or maneuverable as Wyldfolk.

Halodynes tend to be more average in most respects, but this means they have essentially no weaknesses. As you would expect from a culture that has existed for more than 2500 years, they have developed an effective response for most enemies.

Synergies and Complexity

The major synergies come from ordered tactics and especially from Magic. In Godslayer, models can only have one ordered-tactic and one self-tactic active, but they can have an unlimited number of spells. Magic is normally abundant in Halodyne warbands, and ordered tactics are easy to pass, so buffing is a key aspect of gaining victory for Halodynes players.

Halodynes are slightly above average complexity. They have a large variety of tactics and spells but less rules synergies. However, using them effectively in melee requires some good strategic thinking, and for this reason they are slightly more complex than average

Why should I collect Halodynes?

If you like classical warfare with medium infantry, Halodynes are for you. Hoplites, Sons of War, Hill Ogres – all of them are medium infantry of differing quality, with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Halodynes have the most powerful magic and spell-casters in Godslayer. It’s possible to destroy entire units with some spells, when the spellcasters are properly buffed.
If you like cavalry warbands, then Halodynes is the faction for you, there are many units and mounted models planned for the Amazons.

What Types of Warbands can I build?

Elite melee – the Godquester is a good start for an elite warlord since fully equipped she costs almost as much as 100 points. Add to three units of Sons of War and you have concentrated killing power. Remember the 9 sons of war can all activate in a single turn or in three separate turns.

Melee Horde – take 40 hoplites, a Demarchon, Syntarch and a priestess. This is an effective horde warband which is fun to play. Its weaknesses are offset by the huge number of range-2 attacks of the Hoplites.

Harrassing Nomadic Warband – take two units of Amazons Hunters to harass the enemy as they cross the board, then use Hoplites in Phalanx as an anvil while the Amazons charge from behind. Amazon Hunters are okay melee troops but should be kept out of melee when possible.

Fast Warband – Again 2 units of Amazon Hunters supported by two Cerberoi! This is incredibly fast and can give Banebrood and Wyldfolk a run for their money.

Balanced Melee Warband – A mix of Hoplites and elite troops like Hill Ogres, backed by a priestess, a Syntarch and led by a Demarchon. This kind of warband is deadly due to its versatility and strategic options. It can face and defeat almost any challenge.

Magical Devastation – An oracle, two priestesses, an Animated Statue and two sacred familiars. This is the core of magical devastation. Add to that a unit of Hoplite blockers and a unit or two of Sons of War as hammers.

Missile Warband – Take the Godquester (Amazon Subfaction version) and use her to lead two units of Amazon Hunters. The Godquester is a great archer with access to magical bow items. The Wave-2 starterbox also introduces Amazon Peltasts who are light infantry javelin troops

General tips for using Halodynes

It generally makes sense to take a priestess in any kind of warband.
They key to success with Halodynes lies in use of the core rules, so read the Scrolls of Victory articles 1 & 2 to understand the details of melee combat and the Centre=Stage articles about the Demarchon, Syntarch and Hoplites.

Do not let your elite models get charges (Sons of War, Amazon Hunters and Hill Ogres). Always use Hoplites in Phalanx to absorb charges. They may suffer considerable casualties but they are still cheaper than your elites, and are pretty good for their points’ value.
Remember Range-2 weapons. The Hoplites have range-2 spears which means they can often engage without being engaged, plus fellow Hoplite models can fight over bases of other hoplites

The Demarchon is a great all-rounder warlord, with good tactics and excellent fighting skill. The Oracle must be defended and used from a distance to blast the enemy. The Godqueser is a lone-wolf melee-magic-missile expert. Plan your strategy based on your warlord.