How to Choose a faction – Introduction

This section will help you decide which factions are for you in terms of complexity, synergies and general playing style.

There is a section for each faction which gives an overview of the type of warbands you can build, what the strengths and weaknesses are of each faction and what typical strategies you could expect to play with each.

Some factions excel in magic, or shooting some in offensive melee, others in defensive melee, war-machines or creatures. These guides will help you decide which faction fits your taste, both in terms of theme, simplicity of play, synergies and style.

All factions are extremely well balanced in terms of playability, so no faction is better than any other faction.

Not all factions are equally simple to play. The difference between them is not big, but some require a little more careful planning ahead, and use of clever synergies, while others are a bit more straightforward.

All of them are great fun to play!

As a rough guide, the below is a complexity comparison by faction. This is only a rough guide, because for some factions it depends on which subfaction is the focus and also on which models you play.

Keep in mind a difference in complexity of 1 point is not a big difference in reality. All factions are fun and challenging to play, and all can be mastered.

Troglodytes 1 – 2 (Trolloth 1, Gnolls 1.5 and Shadow Trolls 2)
Banebrood 1.5
Mortans 2 (Magistratum is 2.5)
Nordgaard 2
Halodynes 2.5
Wyldfolk 3

Many players have several factions so they can play whichever one fits their mood.