As the left hand of the emperor, the Magistratum consists of several distinct orders of magicians – beneficiaries of the magical lore of the thirteen. Most prominent are the Ordo Mortificarum and the Ordo Annihilatorum, both of which meddle in powers best left untouched. Guarding these magical orders are the Gargants – magical hybrids of humans and ogres.

In order to maintain their mortal existence, the Godeater Emperors sought ways to extend their lives; which led to the creation of Necromancy and their transitions to undead liches. The thirteen Lichelords taught the most nefarious of the Shamans of the Dolmatenine tribes the fundamentals of their newly formulated art.

The necromantic pupils of the Lichelords carried out numerous sinister assignments in service to the empire. Foreign leaders died mysteriously in the night, ghosts of enemy generals were raised and interrogated for information, and specters were unleashed to infiltrate key objectives. These Necromancers wreaked so much havoc that they were formalized into an order – the macabre Ordo Mortificarum. The order’s still, black heart rests at Ornustum in Pesberanum – the largest of the Mortan Necropolises. Massive mausoleum-colleges form the chambers of the Ordo Mortificarum’s headquarters, but the truly unspeakable acts are perpetrated in the catacombs beneath the city. Slaughter-houses, condemned convicts and mass graves provide the necessary ingredients for their ghoulish deeds.

Legions which fail the empire are executed and reanimated as Legio Mortum to regain their honor by serving out a 20-year legionary term, but this time around as rotting corpses. Quite in addition, during battles whose outcome is in doubt, Necromancers may raise the fallen to serve the empire once more pro tempore. Another of the ordo Mortificarum’s specialties are the huge monstrosities sewn together from the carcasses of beasts and monsters which are unleashed to terrify and trample the empire’s foes. These masters of undeath also wield the power to suck the life right out of a man.

Even more misanthropic and twisted than their necromantic brethren is the Ordo Annihilistum. These sorcerers dabble with the laws of Chaos; an act which no sane person would contemplate. Chaos is raw anti-reality; upon contact with existence it causes total and spectacular annihilation, whether that should be matter, spirit or even a god. The total annihilation of sections of the world not to mention their own souls is a gamble these unhinged individuals manage on a daily basis. Occasionally a foe proves so inexorable and so formidable that an Annihilistum strike is authorized. Whole cities are then wiped off the map. Retreat is a word rarely used in the Mortan Empire, but in such a case, the first rule thereof is to devastate the lands being abandoned. The Annihilistum therefore forms the Empire’s tool of last resort.