Mortans Faction Overview


General Gaming concept:

Subfaction 1 – Legions. The Legions subfaction represents the classic Roman-style legion troops and strategies.
Subfaction 2 – Magistratum. This subfaction includes the undead Necromagi of the Empire who raise fallen legions to serve the empire again in death.
Subfaction 3 – Technostratum. These guys are the engineers of the Mortan Empire and associated troops. They build and operate all the war-machines, lead sieges, fight with Naphtha flame-throwers, giant Talos mechanoids, and throw acid, fire and smoke bombs.

Good ARM and DEF. Most Mortan models benefit from good armor and often also good DEF from their Lorica Segmentata and scutum shields.
Average to above average MEL – Mortan troops are mostly professional soldiers with excellent training and discipline.

High LEAD – most models have good leadership, representing their callous nature and iron discipline.

Long-Range Death – Mortan war-machines have ranges of 20 and 24 inches, and the Catapult can even set up 4 inches forward, so with 28 inches, its shots can land 4 inches from the opponent’s deployment zone.

Undead – the undead forces of the Mortans are difficult to kill and easy to replace, making great road-blockers.


Heavy infantry core unit – Legionnaires are not fast since they can only move 3 times per round.
They have no fast models – Mortans currently have nothing with MOV4 or MOV5, and almost no light infantry models.

Poor Initiative – Legio Mortum require spell-casters to make them function at full capacity.

Low POW – many models in the Mortan warband suffer from low power with their melee attacks. This can be offset to some degree by using powerful fighting style, taking some Praetorians and using spells and tactics to increase the POW, but you will still often find yourself struggling against opponents with high-ARM.

Synergies and Complexity

Mortans are about average in terms of complexity, but Magistratum subfaction is more advanced.

Magistratum requires extensive use of synergies for success, because each part of the puzzle is little use on its own, but together they can be devastating.

Legions has some synergies built in, but overall, using Mortans is about how you use the parts together effectively.

Technostratum is at this point a supporting sub-faction and will not be able to field an effective Technostratum-only warband until the end of Wave-2. For this reason Technostratum is mostly used as support, and even in a war-machine focussed warband, they still need support from one of the other factions for melee troops.

There are less rules synergies with Mortans Legions and Technostratum, however there are lots of synergies in the form of supporting and functioning together. So Mortans have lots of strategic synergies just from the normal function of their models. For this reason Mortan models and units function very well together in almost any combination.

Why should I collect Mortans?
If you like Romans you will Like Mortans. Fans of classical warfare will appreciate how the rules reflect Roman military tactics and abilities.
If you like undead you will like Mortans Magistratum subfaction wih its typical buffing strategy and super-hard creatures.
Classic Legions subfaction warbands are “tanky”, (like Dwarves in many other games). People who enjoy “tanky” style, Legions is for you.
Anyone who loves devastating the enemy with war-machines will like Mortans.

What Types of Warbands can I build?
Rock-hard Legion – Legionaires are heavy infantry with excellent DEF and ARM. Supported with Princeptors and led by a Centurion or Auxiliary Precept, you can build a very hard warband. Legionnaires suffer from low POW, so support them with Praetorian Carnifexors. It might sound odd to add a Necromagus (spell-caster), but these mages have great spells for supporting regular melee troops, not just undead!

Undead Horde – Deploy several smaller units of Legio Mortum, then add additional troops to them early in the game by raising new undead troopers from the ground. Lead it with a Mortifex and support it with 2 Necromagi. To give it some bite, take a couple of Molochs – one of the hardest models in the game.

Warmachine Heavy – Build your warband around 2 Cataclysm Catapults and 2 Scorpios. Lead them with a Technocrat because he provides multiple benefits for war-machines. Deploy 1-2 units of Legionnaires near the war-machines to protect them from the survivors who manage to get across the board.

Balanced Legion – 1 unit of rock-hard Legionnaires, 1 unit of medium-infantry Auxiliaries, and a unit of Praetorians for high-POW attacks represents a really balanced Legion force which can deal with many different threats.

Mixed Subfaction – Use the balanced Legion above, but add 2 Scorpios for long-range death, and a Moloch for a hard punch. Don’t forget the Necromagus, who has great spells to support everyone.

Exploratory Force – The wave-2 starter models for Mortans provide an excellent force representing the border troops of the empire. Take two units of Auxiliaries (Limitanei, and one unit of Auxiliaries Exploratores). Lead them with the Auxiliary Prefect, and take a Scorpio and a Necromagus for support. This force can better deal with fast and medium warbands.