Mortans Subfaction

Gripping the lands of Ghorn in its cold, gauntleted fist, the Mortan Empire is the mightiest nation on the continent, having assimilated dozens of conquered realms. This expansionist, human culture is at once magnificent and morbid, enlightened and superstitious, with the glory of its accomplishments eclipsed only by the malevolence of its methods.

Ruled by the exalted and cadaverous Godeater-Lichelords, the Mortan Empire is a magnificent and macabre civilization obsessed with the afterlife, dedicated to ancestor worship and steeped in necromantic lore. Besides its morbid nature, the empire is driven by a voracious vitality, and has already swallowed dozens of nations, erasing their cultures and branding them with its own.

Despite the noble grandeur of the empire’s aqueducts, forums and arenas, opponents condemn it as an evil and repressive dystopia. With a military which is effectively organized and a populace indoctrinated from childhood with the imperial creed, the empire has grown into an unstoppable juggernaut of conquest, learning from every defeat and evolving to overcome all opposition.