Like the stacked pages of a manuscript, the lands of Calydorn are packed with multitudinous layers of buried history. Sifting through the topsoil, we exhume the foundations of most current civilizations, laid during the Blessed Age when Mortals restored a measure of humanity’s former greatness.

Yet deeper we uncover the ruins of Archaic-Age fortifications, when valiant Mortals struggled to re-build the foundations of civilization amid a world of horrors. In the stratum below, one finds naught but the remains of bones and stone tools, for this was the 2,000-year Dark Age which followed the cleansing of the world by the gods.

Deeper still, one uncovers the remnants of the Halcyon Age, the period of Mankind’s greatest might, when four unique empires battled for mastery of the entire world: the sun-worshipping Theocracy of the Sacred Flame, the Wu-Wei Sorcerers of the East, the crystal-tech mystics of the Gnostic Cabal and the hordes of Kassobari sky-nomads led by their god-king warlocks.

Digging deeper we unearth the fractured power-lances of the Everkill War when men fought for their races very survival against the immortal Malentians and their occult, alien gods. It was to defeat these ancient deities that the Asrae pantheons forged the Godslayers, weapons composed of all elements and also incorporating Chaos. But fate is fickle and these tools of deicide soon after fell into the hands of Demons and Mortals. Today, 12 of these weapons are scattered across the world of Calydorn, some in the hands of emperors, others buried in hidden ruins.

The exquisite jewelry and dream-crystals of the Lotus-Eaters lie one strata below; the remains of the worldwide Dreamspinner culture; perhaps the highest civilization ever to have graced the cosmos.

Our shovel removes yet more of the sands of time to reveal a layer soiled with the taint of evil, for this was the age when demons tore their way into the cosmos, and when Mortals were first crafted as a tool to defeat them.

Pharalan CityBelow this lies the Age of Immortals when the Aetherion race first came to the Material Plane from the outer planes, drawn by the lure of this realm which they call “The Grand Conjunction”. It was an age of untold beauty and grace; an age of sky-scraping marvels and wisdom.

Preceding this was the Elemental Age when the five elemental races came to Calydorn to build their mighty empires, culminating with the formation of the Mystic Hierocracy who sought to unite the disparate elemental forces; but traditionalists were outraged by their hybrid experimentation and plunged central Calydorn into a period of cataclysmic strife.

Yet even now our dig has barely scratched the surface, for another 30,000 years of history lies beneath our feet, falling away into an age of myth and horror. It is a story of tragic catastrophes and enduring humanity highlighting the precarious position of Mankind amid a plethora other races and a dozen further fascinating civilizations.

Godslayer rulebook’s sumptuous mythology chapter immerses one in the origins, gods and legends of pre-history of the cosmos; a gripping tale of beginning before time and leading up to the Dark Age. Here are outlined the tragic fall and glorious rise of empires of the Halcyon Age, the wars of the gods, and dozens of stories revealing the greater tapestry which forms the backdrop of the current world.