Alpha Mongrel


Bison-head Gorespawn are drenched in Deimort power, and those which are especially adept in using that power become shamans.

Not as powerful as the Bisotaur Shaman warlord, the Fallow Shamans can nevertheless stand up to the enemy’s standard troops in melee.

However, their proper use is to boost warband members with advantageous mutations to increase movement, power and armor.

They are limited to just two spells, but also have the possibility to activate the upgrade effects of mutations, intensifying the effects for a limited time.

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– 1x Fallow Shaman model (45mm, metal) – 1x 40mm plastic base – Fallow Shaman profile & item cards – Tokens


– The plastic bases are not textured. – Some modeling is required. – Our models are no toys and are not suitable for children under the age of 12.