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The Banebrood are humans and beast-men who are the descendants of people who were infected by and survived the Baneplague. This was a psychic epidemic which swept through mortal lands. Those survivors are defined as Banebrood exclusively due to their continued psychic connection to the primal for of fury in the cosmos called the Urghast. This semi-sentient force represents the wildest most violent side of nature and claims to be the true creator of the cosmos. The Urghast is also a magical force which moves in currents across the world, and when it becomes dense, the Banebrood in the area become wild and embark on violent rampages. Their goal is the destruction for civilization for they see civilized man as corrupted. They wish to return humanity to the law of the jungle brute force and cunning.

Banebrood are made up of Reavers, Beastspawn and Centaurs subfactions.

The Banebrood wave-2 starterbox consists of:

  • The Fomorian Baleking warlord
  • The Stormhorn Stagotaur character
  • A unit of 6 Fomorian Goreguard


Fomorian Baleking

It is believed that Balekings are the spawn of cyclopses with some other filth-ridden diseased, abomination against nature which crawled out of the coastal swamps of the world. Due to their massive bulk, reasonable intellect and magical abilities, Balekings inevitably rise to become leaders of the surrounding tribes, whether that be Reavers, Beastspawn or Centaurs. Marking them out as True Balekings are their single magical eye which can emit a death ray

Fomorian Goreguard

Fomorians are pure-breed Beastspawn, unlike the Mongrels which are random grotesque mixtures of breeds. Fomorians are beast-men midway between Mongrels and Minotaurs in size. Goreguard are hand-picked warriors from various different breeds, selected for their brutality and skills, and thrown together to form elite units. “Guard” simply denotes a premier status among the tribe. Sometimes that means they are literally the bodyguard of the tribal leader, but other times simply shows they are a band of prize brutes. Typically those who form a bodyguard duty are equipped with a random melee weapon and a spiked shield, while those who are merely favoured warriors are usually armed with two slashing weapons.

Stormhorn Stagotaur

Breeds of Beastspawn possess differing common traits. Stag head spawn tend to be violent and difficult to get along with even by Banebrood standards! Stagbrood are the most violent and least sentient of all Beastspawn; rain brutes wo employ their massive bulk with minimal subtlety. Stag head Banebrood are easily provoked and excel in combat due to their eagerness to engage the enemy they are often used as a barometer for canes in the Urghast currents. The Stormorn Stagotaur is a frenzied berserker spawn.

Rules and Stats:

Fomorian Baleking

  • This massive brute (which stands 60mm tall) is based on Balor of the Baleful Eye from Celtic mythology, and comes as a variable subfaction warlord usable in all 3 subfactions.
  • Each version of this guy is quite unique, so players can get a lot of use from the one model since he plays very differently with each card. • Because the Baleking is a multi-subfaction warlord, Beastspawn will therefore have 3 new warlord options in wave-2, Centaurs subfaction will have 2 warlords and Reavers will have 4!
  • The Reaver version is a heavy-infantry spell-caster – Focus spell-caster
  • The Beastspawn version is an Infantry Creature warlord – Focus: buffer-de-buffer
  • The Centaur option is a Heavy Cavalry warlord – Focus melee
  • All three versions have a Baleful Eye attack and several cool abilities, plus good melee stats and 24-27 life-points.
  • Points cost is 71-73 points naked, so around 100 points when fully kitted-out. He can be equipped with lots of nasty 2-handed scythes, talismans and potions. Many of the scythes have multi-strike attacks like Circular Slash and Thrash abilities.

Fomorian Goreguard

A unit somewhere between professional soldier and elites.

  • There are two versions:
  • Goreguard Slashers have two weapons
  • Goreguard Bashers have weapon and shield instead.
  • They are like a much better version of Mongrels, but not as good as Gut-Hackers these, and they represent the bodyguard troops of Beastspawn warlords.
  • Key stats: MEL6, ARM6/7, DEF13, POW4, ACT4. 6 life-points each and 1 points per model. Were these guys really excel is with their 3 tactics:
  • Bloodfrenzy +1 to care attack and damage rolls
  • Relentless allows rerolls of damage and attacks on fleeing models • Decapitate Doubles any critical hit and prevents saves
  • Besides that, they can host plagues and have plague bite attacks like most Beastspawn.

Stormhorn Stagotaur

  • This 50mm tall brute is a pure Melee character for Beastspawn. He is a stag-head minotaur with special frenzy rules that allow him to charge multiple times per turn.
  • He has the Scent ability so can care without line of sight! • He has Flesh-Hammer ability so does impact damage
  • Key stats: MEL6, DEF13, ARM6, ACT5 and 18 life-points.
  • His regular attack is POW5, and he also as a Thrash multi-attack option attacking all models in melee range.
  • Summary: he hits hard but his lifespan is limited. Awesome against cheap troops, but beware charging him against. He is a tool with a specific purpose.


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