Cerberos (Resin)


Newly re-sculpted Cerberos cast in resin.


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Fast and agile, with good melee skills, the Cerberos is a creature to be feared, especially by undead and ethereal models due to its enchanted attacks. Their ability to make up to 5 attacks per turn means that they are effective even against large units.

With 16 life-points and a high defense as well as the Halo Warrior sub-faction ability, they can also survive numerous attacks. Cerberoi make ideal flankers and can easily take down war-machines and characters. Perhaps their best use is in the threat they present due to their 16 inch movement, forcing the opponent to consider his movement very carefully.

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– 1x Cerberos model (75mm, metal) – 1x 50mm plastic base – Cerberos profile card – Tokens


– The plastic bases are not textured. – Some modeling is required. – Our models are no toys and are not suitable for children under the age of 12.