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The Halodynes are a noble and ancient culture, once the most powerful upon the world of Calydorn, but after the murder of the king god of their pantheon and his demigod son who ruled the lands as emperor, the civilization fractured into a multitude of city states and temple states. Nevertheless, their culture had a profound impact upon the world, and they remain a fractured but still mighty power to be reckoned with even today. Now a new age has dawned and a new generation of heroes as emerged upon the stage, determined to return their civilization to dominance.

Within the Halodyne civilization are the Amazons – the descendants of an allied people worshipping the same pantheon. However, the Amazon tribes were so rapacious and violent that even their own gods were forced to curse them to bear no more male children in hopes of diluting and quietly erasing them. But the Amazon women refused to let their culture die, by taking up arms to defend themselves and importin the best male slaves silver can buy. Over time they were ranted partial forgiveness but the curse remained, and to this day the Amazons bear only female offspring.

The Halodynes Wave-2 starter-box for the coming Kickstarter contains:

  • The Amazon Matriarch
  • The Amazon Pathfinder mounted on Zempala
  • A unit of 8 Amazon Peltasts.



Not all Amazons fight mounted, for in recent centuries many Amazons have settled the river-lands south of the Halodyne heartland. Especially among the settlers, it is common for them to fight with the traditional Sagaris axe, and there are even Amazon hoplites kept in service by the largest towns. Matriarchs are therefore adept at leading both mounted and on foot. Being leaders of a tribe they are expert in commanding forces and managing the battle strategy. While they are accomplished warriors, their primarily role is directing troops and timing their deadly tactics to be unleased.

Fleetfoot Peltasts

The younger maiden warriors of the tribe start out as Peltasts, fighting on foot in order to get a powerful throw with their javelins. The Peltasts are supposed to never enter melee except perhaps to finish off a smashed enemy unit. Instead their primary weapon is the javelin, with which they train extensively, rushing forward, unleashing a powerful throw, and then falling back.

Amazon Pathfinder

Being a largely nomadic culture, the role of scouts is an absolute necessity and an honoured position. Tribal scouts become invaluable during times of conflict, because they are able to lead groups of Amazons and guide them through treacherous terrain. Being light cavalry, they are not suitable for extended melee battles with heavy troops. Instead, Pathfinders are expert in hiding and leading lightning attacks on enemy units.

Rules and Stats

Matriarch – Infantry warlord

  • The Matriarch is very much a buffer warlord, but she’s okay in melee as long as she doesn’t have to face melee-warlords head on, but she has 3 abilities and 5 unit-tactics, so she is really a buffing warlord who offers lots of new strategic options for your Halodyne warband.
  • She can be equipped with bow, battleaxe, medium shield and talisman.
  • Key stats: MEL7, MIS7, DEF14, ARM6, ACT6, LEAD10. When equipped with shield she has DEF15 and ARM7. Cost 43 points.
  • So the Matriarch is an ideal warlord for leading an Amazons-focussed Halodynes warband if you want lots of tactics, strategies and buffing. There will be other Amazon warlords in wave-2 with more direct melee style (in fact wave-2 has lots of Amazon releases)

Fleetfoot Peltasts – Amazon infantry unit

  • Essentially they perform like historical Greek Peltasts, with javelin missile weapon and some skirmishing abilities. They are cheap missile troops, but they have possibilities to become a powerful tool. Their Sprinting Launch tactic allows them to gain +2 POW and extra range on their javelin attacks.
  • When you use the Amazon tactic Pinned Down with this unit, their attacks can stop an enemy unit or model from moving and charging. Additionally, friendly troops can charge through the Peltasts, and they can easily evade enemies with their Prepared Retreat tactic.
  • They cost only 7 points per model and can be taken in units of up to 8 models.

Amazon Pathfinder – Light cavalry Character

  • This is a buffer character for the Halodynes armed with spear and bow, and mounted on a Zempala. She is light cavalry so moves very fast (up to 20 inches per turn!).
  • Secret Deployment allows her to be placed anywhere on the board.
  • She has an ability called Captain Unit which allows her to take a friendly unit as an attachment. Additionally, this unit gains the Wildwalker ability so they can treat difficult terrain as open terrain, making her a real strategic asset.
  • She can pin enemy units and has two tactics for buffing missile attacks.
  • Since she has a bow she can make missile attacks, but she is not bad in melee either.
  • Key stats: MEL6, MIS7, ARM6, DEF15, ACT5, MOV4. Bow-POW2, Spear-POW4.

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