Wyldfolk Wave-2 Starterbox

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The Wyldfolk are our Celtic style faction. They are nature worshipping peoples living in the wilderness. They have the best shooters in tea me, and are experts in ambush and it and run, but they have decent frontline melee options too.

The Wyldfolk starterbox for Wave 2 includes:

  • The Rhyastrad Warp-Warrior character
  • The Godquester warlord,
  • A unit of 7 Woad Brothers


The Wyldfolk Godquester Warlord

As the name suggests, this is a hero questing to become a god by finding and consuming the anima of the dead goddess Dhannya (creation goddess of the cosmos). This model represents a Godquester near the beginning of their quest but as you can imagine such a hero is very powerful indeed with many talents including being accomplished in melee, shooting and also able to cast spells. Besides that, Godquesters have tended to pick up quite a number of magical items along the way, making them formidable adversaries. Godquesters come from all walks of life and all parts of Wyldfolk society and for that reason e comes in several different versions.

The Rhyastrad Warp-Warrior character

The Wyldfolk as 3 subfactions, one of which is the Tuathan, who represent the nature extremists of the Wyldfolk All Tuathan have joined their souls to the force of nature and entered the cyclical circle of life. Their culture therefore encompasses tree aspects of nature: birth/life, growth/metamorphosis and death. Amon the Metamorphic Tuathan are warriors who can cane shape, by imbibing the raw anima of nature. These transformations are dramatic and partly uncontrolled, so they wear harnesses which prevent them warping into bizarre shapes. In their nature form they have magical abilities, and in their warped form they are toweringly brutish creatures. For that reason they often end up on the battlefield.

Woad Brothers

Within the Tribal subfaction are the regular nature worshipping tribes who live in forests, fens and highlands of Annyrion. While Bladeslingers form the militia forces of the Wyldfolk tribes, it is the Woad Brothers who form the majority of the professional fighting force. They are not the most elite warriors in the village (that honor goes to the Sword Dancers), but the Pendragons and chieftains rely on the Woad Brothers to form the main battle-line and enforce provide a permanent protection force for the village. These warriors ritually tattoo and paint themselves in woad, and lime their hair before battle.

Rules and Stats

Wyldfolk Godquester

  • The Godquester warlord comes with 2 profile cards; one for Tuathan sub-faction and one for the Tribal sub-faction. (Fiannor sub-faction will get a mounted Godquester in the near future).
  • As with the Halodyne Godquester, he is a high-points model with lots of hard-hitting abilities and great stats.
  • Can be equipped with spear, shield, sling, talisman, armor and potions!

Rhyastrad Warp-Warrior

  • The character for the starter-box is the Rhyastrad Warp-Warrior. He’s essentially a Celtic berserker, based on the legends of Irish Cu Chulainn.
  • He comes in normal form and in giant warped form, and of course has two profile cards. Sub-faction – Tuathan

Woad Brothers

  • The unit is the Woad Brothers. This is a Tribal sub-faction unit of professional soldier level melee troops (between militia and elite levels). You can take 7 in a unit and the starter-box comes with all 7 models.
  • Key stats: MEL6, DEF14, ARM7, ACT4 and they carry a range2 spear with POW3. Points cost is 14 per model.
  • They have Combat Master and Hardened Will abilities plus 3 tactics: Gut-Twister (extra damage) Hamstring (anti-cavalry tactic) Shield Bash (shield attack)

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