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Far to the north, where the white winds howl and the lands are draped with snow, there stands Nordgaard, a land the Jotuns once called their own. Dwarf and Mortal now share this land with a common culture and nation. Nordgaard is a land where echoes of the earth gods may still be heard. Both the Dwarves and human Skannfyrd tribes worship them, but their faith has expanded to include the Young Gods – a pantheon known as the Vættir, made up of fierce, passionate and adventurous deities who befriended the Jotuns, tamed the dragons and slew the primordial fiends.

The nation’s full holdings extend far beyond to the south, where nine mountain-chains cross the continent of Ghorn, each honey-combed by Dwarven halls and dotted with Skannfyrd towns. These South-Holds are an extension of Nordgaard’s culture and power. Besides the many agendas of its various factions, Nordgaard’s course is also steered in accordance with the secret duty bequeathed them by the first-born Jotuns – the task of reconstructing and re-enchanting the World-Runes – mountain-chains, forming continent-sized symbols of power.

The Nordgaard starterbox contains:

  • The Gestir Captain Warlord
  • The Ravenwitch Spiritseer character
  • •A unit of 5 Ogre Huscarls.


Gestir Captain

Gestir are landless adventurers, with axes for hire. They typically take up residence as guests of a jarl and in return they do his dirty work like collecting taxes, enforcing the law and also fighting his battles. In a sense they are mercenaries but they are paid with lodgings, food, and a share of any plunder, and they swear fealty to a jarl for the period of their tenure. Leading such a band of hirelings is a Gestor Captain, a man, Dwarf or Ogre who is very comfortable in the art of violence and heavy drinking.

Myrgaerder Huscarls

The Skannfyrd section of Nordaard society are the mortals, consisting of both Humans and Ogres who have co-existed inseparably for millennia. In fact Ores and humans are cousin races bot created by the gods to complement each other. Skannfyrd Ogres are so brash and brawny their favoured pastime is wrestling aurochs bulls to the ground. Both Human and Ogre Skannfyrd possess a pale complexion, a mop of flaxen hair, and an indomitable will smouldering in their sapphire eyes. Ruling a community called a bygth from the largest steading is a jarl, who leads the clan and maintains a band of professional warriors in his longhouse. These Dwarven Thanes, Ogre Huscarls or Human Hirdmen epitomize the Northlanders’ warrior culture and are professional soldiers.

Ravenwitch Spiritseer

Amon the Skannfyrd are loners who commune whit the spirits. These Spiritseers are often called upon for wisdom and aid in small matters beneath the interest of the gods, so when a jarl goes to war, he often takes is Spiritseers with him to call on the spirits for their aid. The Ravenwitch is one particular kind of Spiritseer who carries spirits familiars in raven familiars.

Rules and Stats

Gestir Captain

  • The Gestir Captain is an Ogre with variable subfaction, so all Nordgaard subfactions can use him as their warband leader.
  • Gestir were landless professional warriors who used to hang out normally as guests of a foreign king and do his dirty-work like tax-collecting and policing as well as fighting for him in battle. They were essentially mercenary bands. This guy represents the leader of a band of Gestir.
  • He’s an uncomplicated, in-your-face combat warlord who is designed as an absolute melee hammer, so he doesn’t have much for buffing warbands. That said he can single-handedly destroy enemy units.
  • Key stats: MEL8, MIS6, DEF13, ARM8, Life-points 21
  • he can be equipped with an additional armor item and Shield, raising him to DEF14, ARM10 • he can be equipped with a POW5 throwing spear
  • The Gestir Captain also has the possibility to use optional weapons, so he can use axe and shield or 2-handed axe and can even switch during play. Barbarous Strength allows him to reroll damage, making him a perfect warlord/creature killer. Bind weapon allows him to prevent enemy attacks Circle of death enables him to attack multiple models with a single attack. Pounce enables him to jump onto enemies when he charges.
  • You want to get this guy stuck in early in the game and keep him attacking high point enemies.

Myrgaerder Huscarls

  • This is a unit of professional Ogre warriors of Skannfyrd subfaction.
  • Armed with Scramaseax (short sword) and spear, so they can make POW5 attacks with their axe or longer range attacks with their spears.
  • Up to 5 guys per unit, each weighing in at 21 points each. These guys are not elite warriors, but they are professional soldiers forming the core of the Nordgaard Ogre armies when they march to war.
  • Key stats: MEL6, DEF13, ARM8, ACT4
  • Rules: Carnage (giving them extra attacks and movement) Shield Bash (extra attack with shield) Slam Back (pushing enemy models back) Fearless

Ravenwitch Spiritseer

  • A spell-caster character. She is the first spell-caster for Nordgaard and belongs to Skannfyrd subfaction.
  • Besides being able to select two spells and a potion, she has an interesting tactic which allows friendly characters to use an extra Special Talent each round and pay less Action tokens to use it. This is especially useful for boosting the effectiveness of the Brewer, the Valkyries and the forthcoming Longhall Skald.

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