Resin Ursapine


This version of the Ursapine is the revised sculpt, which is cast largely in resin (front foot, lower jaw and terrain base are metal).

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During the Baneplague there were an almost infinite number of different creatures formed by the pathogenic curse. One of those was the Ursapine.

In appearance it looks like a great bear with hundreds of needle-sharp quills covering its back.

Although they are heavy, weighing around 1500 lbs (700kg), they possess tremendous muscle mass and can run as fast as a bear – easily catching a sprinting man.

Its main weapons are its claws and fangs, but it can also shoot its quills which are filled with a poisonous gas.

Perhaps most disturbing is the Ursapine’s toxic blood, which is so acidic that it melts flesh.

Ursapines can effectively curl into a protective ball, splaying their pines outward. This is sometimes combined with a lethal maneuver as they bound towards an enemy, and then plough through them in a curled ball. The momentum alone can kill a victim who is struck, added to this is the additional danger posed by 1 ft long hard spikes dripping poison.



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