These barbarian-mystics are considered frightening and depraved even by their fellow Reavers. These savages, the burliest warriors of a village, form the elite infantry whose role is to break the enemy line and topple monstrous creatures. It is their right by custom to claim the brains of any of the tribe’s kills. Hence they are known as the Skulleaters.

These dynamic sculpts capture the merciless fury of these narcotic-crazed warrior-mystics.

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For the Banebrood, the Skulleaters represent an unusually tough unit, useful for either Reavers or Beastspawn sub-factions.

The howling charge of the Skulleaters smashes the enemy front line, and their ferocity continues as they slam through into fresh enemies behind. This rapacious hunger grants them Slay-Movement.

Should their bestial energy waver, they rip out the hearts of their enemies and drink the thick warm blood, reinvigorating themselves for greater acts of brutality. For each Action Token spent, they regain D3 life-points, but it gets even better because they can use up to 3 extra free ACT each turn, gained by killing certain enemies. Combined with their ARM of 8 and 7 life-points, these guys can go the distance and deliver round after round of punishment.

Skulleaters wear chain & scale armor (donated by their victims), combined with thick furs and leather. Over this they don crude bronze plate armor and helmets fashioned by the village smith. Their hands wield powerful long-axes which can split a man in two with a single strike.



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