Troglodytes Wave-2 Starterbox

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Troglodytes are the elemental race of Shadow. Visually they are based on Mongol styles. They are an ancient race predating mortals by millennia, and they tend to form feudal societies were the warriors follow a pretty exacting warrior code. Because Mortals are a treat to elemental balance, they will take any opportunity to pit themselves against human cultures and cull mortal societies. Besides the Regular feudal Trollott trolls, there are also more elemental shadow Trolls and less elemental Gnolls (hordes of miniature nomadic trolls).

The Troglodytes wave-2 starter-box consists of:

  • The Jaguta Warhost Captain warlord,
  • The Woe-Chanter character
  • A unit of 5 Blackhide Trolls.


Jaguta Warhost Captain

A Jagun is a force of 100 Trolloth warriors, and the leader of such a force is a Jaguta Warhost Captain. Much like a Centurion, the Jaguta leads from the front and by example, and is responsible for disciplining is troops and keeping them fighting fit. Jaguta Captains are exemplary masters of melee.


The best of the Ironhide Brutes are often chosen to join the ranks of the heavy-hitting Trolloth called the Blackhides. The name originates from their ritual smearing of ashes on their skin – the ashes of their former kills. The Blackhides are used to break heavy infantry and heavy cavalry, with the massive flails they wield. Gaining brute power, they sacrifice some measure defence since they no longer carry shields.

Woe Canter

An integral part of Trolloth society is the formalized chanting and recording of deeds in song. Professional canters learn to employ magical force in their voices, inspiring their troops and demoralizing the enemy. They also act as a sort of command-communications network chanting orders across the battlefield. Since they are always in the thick of any battle, they are also veteran warriors and accomplished in the tradition troglodyte art of smashing things with blunt instruments.

Rules and Stats

Jaguta Warhost Captain

  • Infantry warlord of the Trolloth sub-faction. The background for the Warhost captain is that he is a leader of a small continent of 100 Trolls. So he is very much a fighting warlord, equivalent to a Centurion. For this reason he has better melee skills and less buffing skills than the Darkdawn Chieftain of Wave1.
  • The wave-2 warlord is a lead-from-the-front melee fighter, but he has some abilities that affect friendly models in his vicinity.
  • Stats: MEL9, DEF13, ARM8, ACT, Life-points 20, points 59
  • Equipment options: Morning Stars, Medium or Small Shield, 1 Potion Special rules: Shield Bash – Free attack with shield Lethal Combo – if he hits with an attack, he can make another free attack roll with -1, and if he hits again he can make another free attack roll at -1… Vanguard Valor – models charging the same target he charged pay les action tokens Incite – his initial attack each round costs less ACT Grim – Friendly models nearby become fearless This guy is ideal for taking down warlords, creatures and elite models due to his multiple attacks and high melee skill.


The Blackhides are a heavy infantry unit of Trolls armed with 2-handed flails. 3-5 models per unit and costin 20 points each. They are between professional soldiers and elites. A really handy unit to back up your Ironhide Brutes. Key stats: MEL6, DEF12, ARM8, POW7, ACT4, Rules: Regeneration, Incite, Carnage, Hardened Will, Critical Stun, and Ignore Shields

Woe Canter

This infantry character is a musician, so he can channel orders from warlords to units etc, and he has 3 great magical songs for buffing units, plus one for scaring the enemy. Besides that, he’s handy in a fight: MEL6, DEF13, ARM7 POW5, and 15 life-points.

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