Wycca Warriors


When the shadow of war looms, the Wycca Warriors form the hard kernel of Wyldfolk’s Tuathan armies. In quieter times they are guard glades where the dead goddess is re-awakening – upon heather-cloaked mountains, rugged, stony barrens and drizzle-shrouded, emerald plains.

Wycca Warriors are able to shrug off fatal wounds and continue fighting after being killed on a 5+ roll. As they die, Wycca Warriors often embrace the souls of their enemies and drag them into the afterlife with them! These melee experts are able to make either regular attacks or direct-damage MAG attacks, making them a fearsome tool against heavy infantry.

These latest Wyldfolk miniatures are a perfect complement to any Wyldfolk warnband.

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Death-Cultists worship Dhannya the mother of the cosmos and goddess of nature in her aspect of Morrigu the Crone – the avenger, cleanser, and guardian of the dead. The Tuathan understand the purity of decay and its precious place in reality, and the Wycca Warriors form the foot soldiers of the Death-Cult; These sons of Morrigu and are so closely tied to her that they are barely classifiable as living at all – poised as they are on the doorstep to the afterlife. The rusted scythes of Wycca Warriors are enchanted, multi-dimensional blades whose forms stretch into realms beyond the ken of Mortals, reaping the damned as they arc back and forth. Their armor is composed of the shells, scales and bones of creatures which they have personally assisted on their way to the afterlife.

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