Wyldfolk of Annyr Starter Box


Starter boxes are an ideal way to begin playing Godslayer®! They include enough miniatures to play small games using 5-8 models and they also contain the quick-start rules which enable you to start playing immediately!

This Wyldfolk Of Annyr Starter Box contains 8 highly detailed metal miniatures for gamers and collectors.

The enclosed miniatures represent a fully playable warband of 160 points, and in addition you get a printed version of the Quick-Start Rules.

With this Wyldfolk Of Annyr warband and the Quick-Start Rules you are able to immediately start playing Godslayer® – the fantasy miniatures skirmish game set in a bronze age world of sword and sorcery.

Get your starter box and start discovering the world of Godslayer®!

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This starterbox has been replaced by the new re-scultped starter-box, and so these minis will be discontinued.  A few items remain in stock and are on 50% discount.


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