Mortans Wave-2 Starterbox

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The Mortan wave-2 starterbox consists of

  • The Auxiliary Prefect warlord
  • The Cornicen character
  • The Provincial Auxiliaries unit


Gripping the lands in its cold, gauntleted fist, the Mortan Empire is the mightiest nation on the continent of Ghorn, having assimilated dozens of conquered realms. This expansionist, human culture is at once magnificent and morbid, enlightened and superstitious, with the glory of its accomplishments eclipsed only by the malevolence of its methods. The winged-skull emblem of the empire – the Calva Alata – is said to symbolize mortal transcendence of death through necromancy, but in a way it also epitomizes Mortan culture – macabre imperialism.

Beyond the Federati states, which lie at the heart of the empire, are a ring of provinces, marking the ever-expanding border of the empire. Forming the first line of defense and accompanying the legions on campaigns are the Provincial Auxiliaries.

Auxiliary Prefect

Leading cohorts of auxiliaries are officers called Prefects. They are educated in the heart of the empire and row up in the legions, but hail from the provinces. They are in no way considered inferior by regular legionnaires, and it is not uncommon for a Prefect to command a detachment containing both legionnaires and auxiliaries. It is the Prefect’s knowledge of the local area as well as their command abilities that makes them invaluable to the Mortan Empire. While not as deadly in melee as a typical Centurion, Prefects do not shy from a fight. However Prefects are not primarily frontline leaders, their role is more tactical.


Though well-disciplined and highly trained, a legion would become an uncoordinated mess were it not for channels to relay orders from the legions commanders. Cornice are a part of that command and control system, passing information by signals. They also have a secondary role of boosting morale and providing a rallying point when everything goes bad.

Provincial Auxiliaries

They tend to be less armored and less well trained, but nevertheless are a disciplined soldiers wo are excellent at wat they do, especially when properly led. The majority of the Auxiliaries are Limitanes – border guard armed with Spathe sword and scutum shield, but some are trained and equipped to infiltrate through enemy lines to perform reconnaissance, raids, tax collection and general intimidation. These are the Explorates auxiliaries, equipped with spathe sword and slings that are used to hurl a spiked lead weight called a plumbata.

Rules and Stats

Auxiliary Prefect

  • This guy is a warlord for the Legions sub-faction. Compared to the Centurion, he is slightly less fighty and more of a buffer warlord. Nevertheless, he can do okay in melee as long as you pick your targets carefully or support him.
  • The Prefect is primarily a leader of the Legion’s auxiliary troops, but his tactics are equally useful for Legionnaires and Praetorians. He is a little more subtle than the Centurion, but more versatile since he can be used to lead a scouting type warband, but he can also support a defensive Legionnaires warband effectively. So the Prefect really expands the strategic options of the Legions sub-faction.
  • He has 3 abilities and 5 tactics, almost all of which are for buffing units: Inspire gives units an action token wen e kills an enemy Born Leader allows him to assign 2 action tokens to a unit. Retaliation gives a unit cheaper Melee attacks if they fit last Fortify gives units +1 ARM Combat Master gives units a fighting style when counter attacking Caltrops is an anti-cavalry tactic.
  • For 43 points, he costs almost the same as the Centurion warlord.
  • He can be equipped with large shield, sword, armor and potion.

Provincial Auxiliaries (Limitanes)

  • The biggest strategic gaps in the Legions subfaction at the moment are cheap troops and light troops. The Auxiliaries solve both of those limitations. At 10 points per model they are cheap enough to use as bait, but they are far more than that. As medium infantry, they do not suffer the slow-movement issues of the heavy Legionnaires, and Provincial Auxiliaries can also be used to create a horde warband for Legions.
  • The auxiliaries have two different profile cards and the models have alternative arms so they can be equipped as either type of Auxiliary.
  • Limitanei Auxiliaries represent standard melee auxiliaries of the outer provinces. They have the tactics: Flankers gives them a bonus when charging engaged enemies. Focussed Rage charge through difficult terrain Shield Wall +1 ARM and +1 DEF Combined Attack +1 for attacking enemies together
  • They are equipped with Scutum shield and Spathe sword (POW3)
  • Explorates Auxiliaries are more scouty and represent the auxiliaries used to penetrate into enemy territory. They ditch their shields and take slings instead. This makes them light infantry so they can move faster and can make long-charges. They have the rules: Wildwalker – Allows them to move and care through difficult terrain normally. Advanced Deployment – allows them to deploy 10 inches further onto the table Combined Attack -gives +1 for attacking enemies together Twinshot – gives them an extra free missile attack
  • They are armed with spathe sword and the plumbata slings which is a Roman weapon like a giant weighted dart fired from a sling.


  • The Cornicen is an infantry musician for Legions sub-faction who is equipped with a large horn. He can fight in melee and is useful for achieving goals in scenarios, but is real focus is his special talent which is horn signals. Forced March – Increases the exhaustion limit of a unit allowing them to move further Sudden Feat – Allows a unit to perform a tactic for free Relentless – gives units re-rolls on damage and attack on fleeing models. Finally, his ability Reposition allows a unit to be repositioned after deployment before the game begins. A very useful model for 26 points.

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