Xisteri Bombers


The ghostly visage of Xisteri Bombers dashing through the smoke is often the last thing enemies see before bursting into an inferno of flames. This unit of the Technostratum is the latest for the Mortans faction and complements the recently released Libarum Technocrat.

Xisteri Bombers are expert skirmishers practiced in the technique of closing and launching their barrage before retreating (gaining D3 inches free movement at the end of their turn). This can often make a huge difference, enabling them to retreat into a veil of smoke

This unit is a nice complement for the Legion troops of the Mortans, offering some fearsome missile support.

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Striding out from the drifting smoke clouds, the Xisteri Bombers launch volleys of fire bombs before disappearing back into the battlefield’s toxic haze. These soldiers of the Technostratum provide a storm of missile fire to soften-up foes and disrupt enemy advances. Xisteri Bombers offer the enemy several flavors of alchemical death, most typically spitfire and smoke bombs. The target of a spitfire is splashed with hot, burning goo which rapidly melts the skin and clothes. The smoke bombs are another triumph from the laboratories, useful for obscuring troop movements and providing cover against missile weapons and magic.

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