Those descendents of the original Baneplague-victims which suffered less severe mutations and are still recognizably human are spoken off broadly as Reavers. Over the centuries since the pandemic, these creatures have formed into primitive tribes and can be encountered on all subcontinents of Ghorn. Reaver tribesmen display their mutations with pride, and are extremely susceptible to undergoing new mutations caused by the magic of Banebrood shamans. There exist many cursed places on Calydorn which contain pockets of the vile Urghast force left over from the time of the Baneplague, and entering them can trigger Reavers to experience weeks of agonising spasms resulting in the acquisition of additional mutations. Such changes can be beneficial from an increased muscle mass or the gaining of a third arm, or they can whither a limb or alternatively produce only cosmetic changes. When Urghast currents sweep across the land, members of the tribe who are especially blessed can be gripped by the spasms which they call the “Sacred Shaking”.

These almost-human barbarians possess sadistic and unbalanced personalities, prone to acts of sudden aggression and generally eccentric behaviour. Unlike Beastspawn, Reavers have a coherent language and can cooperate well towards the mutual good of the tribe, possessing a mentality closer to human than their bestial cousins. They even display a wide range of volatile emotions and a cruel sense of humor. It is clear that Reavers demonstrate a sort of mob mentality whereby their bravery increases in proportion to the number of people in the gang. Viciousness and brutality are traits which aid survival since they usually live in dangerous territory surrounded by tribes of Beastspawn, Centaurs, Lycanthropes and monstrous creatures. They delight in tormenting their captives with depravities until they break and reveal their true inner beast. This they consider is doing the victim a great service.

Reavers are degenerate, violent people who live by the law of the wild. Their debauchery includes cannibalism, consuming the souls of enemies to enhance their own power and sacrificing victims life-force to the gnashing maw of the Urghast. During this practice they cut out the beating heart of the victim while still alive, and carve it with occult symbols. Reavers are so savage that during battle, packs of them will drag an enemy to the ground and eat him alive in a frothing, red feast.