The Skannfyrd are the descendents of the human Skannyr tribe who settled in Nordgaard and their mortal cousins, the Myrgaerder Ogres. Both possess a light-colored complexion and hair, as well as an indomitable will. It is this mental strength which was perhaps the reason for the Skannyr’s selection by the Asrae to be one of the Blessed Races. This great willpower also produces individuals who are so wild that they cannot live among normal society; many of these individuals become Ulfhednar berserkers and Myrgaerder Chainslayers.

Besides these crazed warriors, the main-stay of Skannfyrd armies are the typical fighters known as Kinswords. Other human units include Tylska aurochs riders, elite hirdmen armed with long-swords and Ogre units include Longship Seawolf Raiders and elite Hersir armed with huge kite-shields and long-spears. The Skannfyrd and Myrgaerder cultures are focussed entirely on the warrior, since all aspire to die bravely in battle so that they may be carried by the Valkyries to Asraedia – the home of the gods. Unlike the barbarians of the northern wastes and the Banebrood Marauders of the south, most Skannfyrd clothe themselves in woven fabrics, often with detailed embroidery. Those areas of bare skin sport the ritual scars which the Skannfyrd are famed for. Skannfyrd scars mark their family, clan, and achievements in life, including all of the enemies they have slain and contests they have won.

Nordgaard culture spread widely across Calydorn due to the religious campaign of the anointed Skannfyrd hero Hargan Isenwolff, who led an army of 20,000 to the continent of Zephyr. It is said that fragments of his empire survived the Dark Age and exist even today across the Azure Ocean.

Isenwolf fLeading His Army