The Asrae and their Mortal followers suffered great losses and cultural decline during the previous age, but they have determined to assert themselves once more and draw Valokh into open engagement. To regain their former glory, the Asrae have taken steps to breathe a new glorious power into the weary mortal peoples, and a new generation of mighty souls has entered the cosmos. The gods have fathered dozens of new demigods across Calydorn and now is the time for a new age – an age of legends. All across Calydorn the new generation of great mortals has reached maturity and stepped onto Calydorn’s stage, a generation of men and women the like of which has not been seen since the Dawn Age. Some have already begun to shine as living legends. What these heroes will make of their lives remains to be see, but what is certain is that now is the time to seize the moment; a time for new legends to be written in blood.

Those Wyldfolk lands conquered by the Mortan Empire over the last century (Trans-Dhannyricum Province) have taken the opportunity to regain independence. The Governor Lucius Catranus never saw it coming; the rebels massacred the unsuspecting Mortan forces, and the Governor was burned alive in his villa while the mob cheered. The revolution spread to Morvyn, but was ruthlessly crushed by the 24th Legion. Beset by migrating Skannfyrd and Banebrood incursions, the Annyr are stretched to their limit.

A rising flood of Banebrood from Tartovara pushes further north each year, encroaching ever deeper into Nordgaard’s satellite lands. The Alvater of Nordgaard has issued a bounty from the royal treasury on Banebrood heads, which has drawn several hundred Nordgaard war-parties south into the Norgren Weald resulting in a virtual war being waged.

A greater Banebrood threat stems from the recent founding of the Tauran Empire; now most of the Banebrood of Minaxos and the Scablands have been united, and have already begun attacking Halodyne lands with the capture of the entire city-state of Cephalon. Besides the Banebrood threat on their southern border and a war with the Mortans to the west, the Halodynes also face another danger – the expanding Golden Kingdom of Nimburia. This Aetherion realm has already annexed three of the Holy Sees on Volturna and their armies are pressing ever westward.

As the new Ice Age approaches, the sea levels have dropped, revealing the Seagrave Isles – former Gnostic Cabal lands in the Azure Ocean. Now armies of the dead wade ashore in Annyrion and Nordgaard.

Already the Wyldfolk have lost huge swaths of Annyrion to the Withering Waste which kills not just people, but the very land itself in which the spirit of Dhannya resides Winters grow ever longer, and Dwarven scouts report demonic forces mobilizing on the ice-plains of Frostmark.

The Lichelords seek new ways to combat the increasingly unstable borders, which includes the raising of new undead legions developing combat serums to improve troop effectiveness. A new cadre of mages has been inducted, and devastating spells are being developed.

All across Calydorn a new generation of heroes has stepped forth, wreathed in glory and fired by indomitable will to do battle for their chosen cause.