Troglodytes Faction Overview


Troglodytes are the elemental race of Shadow. Essentially they are the Trolls of Godslayer, but they are far from dirty, stupid creatures living under bridges. Troglodyte culture reached its peak long before humans were even created, and they are spread across the entire world of Calydorn. Their design is based on Mongol armor, but their culture is a feudal system.

General Gaming concept:

Subfaction 1 – Trolloth. These are the classic feudal Trolls of Godslayers. It also includes the deranged agressive Feral Trolls.

Subfaction 2 – Shadow Trolls. These are recently arrived elemental trolls from the realm of shadow. They are ethereal and have lots of magic and shadowy abilities.

Subfaction 3 – Gnolls. These are the closest thing to goblinoids in Godslayer. They are a swarming horde of weak, low-LEAD creatures but their numbers are terrifying.

Trolloth have good armor, high life-points, regeneration, good melee skills and power. They are excellent all-round medium infantry. Their weapons are bludgeoning weapons, like the morning-star which ignores shield bonuses. They also have decent leadership.

Gnolls have weight of numbers due to their low cost. That means a huge number of attacks.

Shadow Trolls are ethereal and therefore take half damage from normal weapons. Besides that they have good life-points and decent armor so they are very durable. Shadow trolls gain extra free movement, and most of them have spells or magical abilities. The main unit of Longshadows have magical attacks so they can hit the enemy from 8 inches away.

Trolloth – they have little strategic flexibility on their own. They are a blunt instrument for hammering the enemy.

Shadow Trolls – can easily be damaged by models with enchanted attacks.

Synergies and Complexity
In general Trolloth have the least synergies of all subfactions in the game and are the simplest to play. However, you do need to become very good in basic tactics of melee to use them effectively. Read the first two Scrolls of Victory articles to get some tips.

Gnolls have few synergies within their subfaction and require more skill to play because you need to manage their leadership issues.

Shadow Trolls are more subtle and are medium complexity, with more synergies within their subfaction.

There are a surprising number of effective synergies between subfactions of the Troglodytes, so Troglodytes fight most effectively when using combined subfaction warbands. For example the Hammerfist Troll is an awesome support for Gnolls, and the Lighteater can protect them from missile attacks. Meanwhile Gnolls can provide a speed bump, protecting Trolls from being charged. Conversely Trolls are able to move over Gnoll bases, unleashing surprise charges

Why should I collect Troglodytes?
For players who have not played a lot of skirmish games, Troglodytes are a perfect first Faction. Start with Trolloth and master solid melee tactics, then add Gnolls to develop some clever strategic synergies. Finally, add shadow Trolls for magic

What Types of Warbands can I build?

Iron Wall – Take 4 units of Ironhide Brutes, and you have a 320 point wall of iron. Add the Duskborn Chieftain Warlord for a simple but effective 400 point warband

Feral Madness – 2 units of Feral Grayhorns, 2 Hammerfists and 2 Fleshpounders are a scary, force of brutish madness. Grayhorns can charge your enemies without line of sight, so hide them in the forest. The Fleshpounders can take care of high-ARM models with their direct-damage attacks. Lead them with the Duskborn Chieftain Warlord.

Gnoll Horde – For 318 points you can have a warband with 60 Gnolls. So with a few Packlashers and a Filthling Warlord you can have a massive horde for under 400 points. For better effect, drop 15 Reaver runts and take 2 Hammerfists in your 400 pint warband because these guys make the Gnolls immune to Fear and Horror.

Shadow Warband – 2 units of Long Shadows led by the Obsidian Nightmare is a deadly force, especially when aided by a Lighteater. This Ethereal force is fast and has direct-damage attacks which can be made from a range of 8 inches!

Shadow Trap Warband – 2 units of Ironhide Brutes form an Iron wall of regenerating, heavily-arnored Trolls to tie-up enemy units, while 2 units of Shadow Trolls hang back, pummelling the caught enemy with magic attacks. Remember magic attacks can be made against engaged models without endangering your own troops (unlike shooting).

The Expendables – 3 small units of Gnolls (costing 99 points) tie up the approaching enemy units as speed bumps. Meanwhile 2 units of Skullsmasher Oakbows with a Packlasher fire 2 shots each per turn at the approaching enemy. When they get close enough, you charge with your Ironhide Brutes and Fleshpounders over the Gnolls.