The descendents of the first Troglodytes lost much of their shadow-nature over the millennia, and are now very much flesh and blood. These are the Trolloth – large hulking creatures who do battle in armor of thick iron, and like all Troglodytes, they prefer blunt, smashing weapons to crush their enemies to a pulp. They are a proud race which existed many centuries before mortals were created. As the first-born of the dark races, they have millennia of history upon Calydorn, and ruins of their stark stone cities lie across the lands since conquered by men.

Trolloth kingdoms are feudal societies with strict laws. Warriors follow an exacting 12-point code of honor called the Path of the Crushing Shade (Hurkmoggen-Tok). Trolloth minds are ideally suited to a regimented way of life, making their armies terrifyingly efficient.

This is however not true of their primitive cousins the Feral Trolls who are barely capable of cooperating to catch dinner. This sub-culture of Trolloth regressed into barbarism, living alone or in small packs in caves and deep forest. Whereas Trolloth forge strong weapons and armor of iron, Feral Trolls use their huge fists and rely only upon their thick hides and savage strength. Myths relate that Feral Trolls were once ordinary Trolloth who regressed into barbarism, spurning civilization and losing the knowledge of tools and even speech. According to the mythic cycle known as “The Song of the Suneater”, their fall from civilized to barbaric happened over the course of only two or three generations, and the cause lies, according to that myth, with the element of Fire.

The awakening of the Nightfall Gods cleaved a schism in Trolloth society. Approximately half of all Trolloth still follow the Path of Twilight Purity, stressing elemental balance and spiritual unity with Shadow. Those who follow the new Nightfall Gods have abandoned the Troglodytes’ guiding motivation for elemental balance, and work to bring about eternal night, for the Nightfall Gods were not born of elemental shadow, rather they were born of the new force called Darkness. They prey upon the humiliation of the Trolloth, promising re-conquest of all that which was taken by Mortals.

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