The third major offshoot of Annyr society sprouted during the Blessed Age – the culture known as the Tuatha de Dhannan, or Children of Dhannya. When the mother of the cosmos was slain by the emperor of demons, her consciousness was snuffed out, but fragments of her shattered soul splashed upon the nine worlds. Much of her essence merged with the spirit of nature which permeates and surrounds all life, and so in some fashion she continues to exist therein, animating plants and animals in certain regions. Annyrion is said to contain perhaps the largest concentration of the dead goddess; unconscious and non-sentient, but divine nevertheless, and the Tuathan are dedicated to its sentient reawakening.

The Tuathan embrace and glory in the circle of life, and upon their death, their spirits join the Anima of Dhannya coursing through the life-force of nature. As more and more mortal souls have joined Dhannya in death, the forests of Annyrion have begun to awaken becoming animated with sentient spirits. A growing army of Dryads, Hamadryads, and woodwose giants is stirring. More profoundly, this portion of the shattered goddess moves ever nearer to sentience with each new Tuathan convert. What would be unleashed should the entity reach consciousness is unknown. The Tuathan take it as a matter of faith that The Goddess is goodness incarnate, but it is hard to deny that some of those nature spirits awakened demonstrate a vengeful aspect.

The Tuathan culture is composed of three cults, each of which exemplifies one of the integral aspects of the circle of nature. Members of the Cult of Life are dedicated to fertility, birth, and healing. Initiates work as midwives, seed-sewers, healers, grove wardens. Feynymph Priestesses guide the people according to the will of the Beltain Brides – the paragons of Dhannya’s creative aspect. Their defensive forces include the Feyborn Moonblades who patrol the borders born aloft upon fairy wings, as well as the unicorn-mounted Ivory Maidens.

The Tuathan Morph-Cult is led by Chrysalis Queens or Horned Gods, and its members embrace growth and change as paramount. Initiates work as animal trainers, teachers and craftsmen of various trades, transforming raw materials into finished goods. Their fighting forces include the Tuathan Changeling Warriors, and the elite Rhiastrad Warp-Berserkers.

Death is an integral part of the endless circle, and this cult’s members are dedicated to the orderly process of mortality and decay. Typical Death cult initiates work as hunters, butchers, tanners, undertakers, fletchers, and weapon-smiths. Its morbid militant forces include the Wycca Warriors, Blackwater Banshees and Samhain Soul-Shepherds who are dedicated to hunting down unquiet spirits and the undead. They are led by the Lords of Decay – priests of death, whose very presence sucks the life out the living.

The fighting forces of all three cults are soul-sworn to defending the awakening groves of Dhannya. These locations are typically portions of forest, swamp or riverbanks – wherever nature runs rampant in verdant frenzy. The Tuathan scour Ghorn looking for these sacred places and upon discovery, the Life Cult and Morph Cult priesthood take charge, encouraging further sprouting and growth of the grove in order to strengthen the force of Dhannya within.

Tuathan Animla Ritual