Banebrood Subfactions

Once upon a time evil hid in the dark forests and deep caves, but now it lurks just outside the window and skitters across the roof; it storms the walls of border-forts leaving not even corpses behind; and today it even walks the city streets disguised in human form.

Banebrood is no longer a name to frighten children, it is a dire threat to all civilization which has evolved beyond the bounds of the killable and multiplied beyond the realms of the containable. Some of Evil’s more recognizable forms include the Reavers and the Beastspawn. Reavers are mutant, cannibal barbarians who yearn for human flesh; while Beastspawn are vile, hybrid man-beasts. Both are committed to the absolute
destruction of all civilization.

Nevertheless, evil is a matter of perspective for its forces believe they are justified, correcting a cosmic tragedy enacted by the whore-goddess Dhannya when she stole nature from the cosmic creator they name the Urghast. This primal force of fury is part god, part energy, part disease, depending on which myths one believes, and it is the Urghast which empowers and motivates the Banebrood in their efforts to bring all cultures
to their knees.

Many legends claim that the Banebrood were once humans, warped by a psychic disease which spread from soul to soul. Even the gods of Mortals were not spared, for many were
mutated into the dire deities called today the Goregods. Since the fall of the mortal empires at the end of the Blessed Age, the Banebrood have spread like vermin across Calydorn and overrun dozens of nations. Now they are poised to tear down the remnants of civilization, ushering in the Age of the Urghast.