Halodynes Subfactions

The lands of Blood and Bronze

This proud and sophisticated culture of city-states and temple-cults re-civilized three continents, and the Halodynes are accounted one of the five Blessed Peoples chosen by the Asrae gods.

Twelve great city-states form the bud from which Halodyne culture blossomed, planted by the gods but tended by the hands and hearts of Mortals. The seeds of this flower spread far and wide across three continents, creating a new golden age of Mortals and epitomizing all that is great and flawed with mankind.

Bound to the fortunes of the gods, they found themselves afflicted as their beloved pantheon was dealt two devastating blows, with the destruction of the king-god Aesys and his son, the demigod leader of the Halodyne civilization. Despite the current geopolitical downslide and its fragmented nature, the Halodyne civilization is still a world-power to be reckoned with, and from its ranks have strode radiant heroes the like of which rival those of the mythical ages.

City States