Nordgaard Subfactions

Far to the north, where the white winds howl and the lands are draped with snow, there stands between the glacial heights of two immense mountain ranges the ancient kingdom of Nordgaard. Dwarf and Mortal now share this land with a culture fused as one; a land of misty highlands and craggy hills, covered by a blanket of heath-land and pine woods.

Nordgaard is a land where echoes of the Old Gods may still be heard. They are the elemental Vanitans; deities of Earth; primal and mysterious entities whose avatars still roam the depths of the wilderness. Both the Dwarves and human Skannfyrd tribes worship them, sharing a bond with the very rock beneath their feet. Their faith has been partially displaced by the Young Gods – the Vættir – who are a pantheon fierce, passionate and adventurous deities who befriended the Jotuns, tamed the dragons and slew the primordial fiends.

The Skannfyrd
The Guilds