Amazon Hunters


The first models of the Amazon sub-faction are here – the Amazon Hunters – a unit of light cavalry archers. Advance, shoot withdraw – this is the mantra of the Amazon Hunter, and from above their formations look like ocean waves sweeping in and out shore as their enemies wear themselves out.

When the enemy strays too close, the Hunters draw their cavalry Kopis – a tip-weighted slashing sword – and charge the foe. Though inexpert in melee, the Hunters surge into a fast gallop, taking enemies by surprise. Nevertheless, the primary tool of their trade is the composite bow, which is constructed from horn and sinew attached to a wooden frame.

The Hunters have several archery abilities and tactics, and they can also unleash a volley of arrows against models charging them, and then even make a free movement of D3 inches, evoking their light skirmishing nature. With 20 inches movement per turn, and MIS 6, they are a serious threat for the enemies of the Halodynes.

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Galloping at the vanguard of every Amazon tribe are the Hunters – light cavalry, armed with bow and sword, whose primary role is the protection of the herds and the hunting of wild beasts. From tall-grass prairie to scorched steppe, their fleeting forms bring woe to all who would trespass on their tribal lands, as they unleash volleys of lethal, barbed arrows. The Zempala doe is more than just a trusted mount it is the faithful companion of every Amazon Hunter. These brown-and-yellow striped animals are akin to large antelopes, and endowed with tremendous grace and speed. These beautiful sculpts portray the speed and agility as they hunt and patrol the lush prairie, arid chaparral, and desolate wastes.

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