Fjell Warriors Trooper Booster


The Trooper Booster contains 2 new additional trooper miniatures which are only available in this product (not as part of the starter-box or Fjell Warriors core-unit box).

Use these new sculpts to add more variety to your units of Fjell Warriors.

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Every Nordgaard village maintains a militia of warriors to defend it. In Dwarven villages these are the Fjell Warriors, and during times of war, they make up the bulk of the Nordgaard army.

Fjell Warriors are not to be underestimated, for despite their mediocre fighting skills they are well armored and their powerful muscles wield heavy axes.

These militias typically fight in a shield-wall formation, where all warriors lock their shields together to provide a consistent barrier. This is especially useful for such fighters since Dwarves lack the mobility to make frequent charges.

This tactic combined with their excellent armor, great toughness and high morale gives Fjell Warriors tremendous staying power. Charges that would sweep away the militias of other races are rudely blunted by a regiment of Fjell Warriors.

Fjell Warriors are a very effective core unit, especially when they include their full complement of warriors, and every warband can benefit from at least one unit. In large warbands, deploy them as an anvil to hold up the enemy before hitting with a hammer (warlords, creatures or elite units, etc.).