Ironhide Brutes Trooper Booster


The Trooper Booster contains 2 new additional trooper miniatures which are only available in this product (not as part of the starter-box or Ironhide Brutes core-unit box).

Use these new sculpts to add more variety to your units of Fjell Warriors.

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Beneath the lowest noble class in the feudal Trolloth caste system rank the personal retainers of feudal lords. These individuals are often sons of lesser nobles, commoners ascended through loyal service and former mercenaries now sworn to the lord. All have in common that they make their living on the battlefield. These warriors are called Ironhide Brutes.

Troglodytes are not renowned for their skill at arms; they win rather by strength. Repeated smashing breaks first the opponents shield and then his armor and then his bones; no need for agile footwork or parry-and-riposte finesse; brute force is sufficient to win most fights.

Ironhide Brutes use the traditional weapon of the Troglodyte warriors – the morning star – while in their other hand they use a shield of thick leather for blocking and smashing enemies. Their morning-stars have the advantage that enemy shields are little defense against them, since the ball swings over or around the shield to smash the opponent. So heavy is the concussion that enemies are frequently knocked to the ground by the powerful blows.

These warriors are outfitted with a suit of lamellar armor made from iron plates sewn onto a thick leather coat.

With this considerable armor and 10 life-points each, Ironhide Brutes represent a solid core for any Troglodyte warband.