Troglodytes Subfactions

Murky and mysterious, Shadow is the 5th element, and Shadow is opposed to all of the cardinal elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Ice) and also the new element of Darkness.

Troglodytes are Shadow’s living manifestation and they represent one of the ancient elemental races. First born were the Trolloth – hulking, gray-skinned brutes who built enormous feudal kingdoms and expansive nomadic nations across Calydorn.

To counter the quickly-multiplying Mortals, the Vanitan gods of Shadow created the Gnolls – a fast-breeding, small type of Troglodyte. These creatures are as puny as they are weak-willed, but in large numbers they present an effective threat.

During the Ascendency of the Fire element, the worlds were scorched, and even Shadow creatures were affected by the magical sun-stroke, degenerating into irrational brutes. After several generations the afflicted became the Feral Trolls – insanely violent savages stacked with hundreds of pounds of muscle.

When the Red Sun was finally extinguished by the Troglodytes and balance restored, Darkness was born, and the membrane of the Shadow Plane burst, spewing hundreds of thousands of creatures of pure shadow onto the Nine Worlds. These are the Shadow Trolls.


Shadow Trolls