Wyldfolk Subfactions

The Wyldfolk have developed a close bond with nature, and unlike most other mortal peoples, this primeval life force has accepted them as part of the cosmic system. Shunning cities, they are a multitude of tribes who live in villages located in the deep wilderness.

From the sweltering humidity of the Kyrabaigh swamps, through the enshrouding mists of the Gromponian gorsemoors to the bitter gales of the Bronberry Isles, the Wyldfolk have adapted to become expert in survival. At every turn the terrain is used against their overwhelming enemy forces to effectively channel, disperse and entrap foes.

The stark, sodden continent called Annyrion remains the heart of the Wyldfolk civilization today, and over the centuries the clans have learned to appreciate its treacherous terrain as their benefactor.

The Wyldfolk are unsurpassed animal tamers, herbalists and trackers, with senses heightened by lives spent in the wilderness. Renowned for their fierce pride and strong sense of honor, these clans possess a spirit of independence which rages inside like an unquenchable inferno.

In a society where metal is rare, Wyldfolk warriors are lightly armoured, relying on speed, agility and bravery to win battles. Garbed in tartan cloaks and leather kilts, the clans march to war accompanied by faithful wolfhounds, tamed beasts and the rousing lilt of the bagpipes.

From their cromlech temples the druids lead the Wyldfolk in worship of the Asrae pantheon known as the Neamh, While the Wyldfolk’s enemies have multiplied on all sides, the druids have raised up an extensive network of the megaliths crisscrossing the continent, enabling them to channel and store magical energies